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Re: Algae problem, growing in the ears

Thanks for the replys.  

I cleaned the algae off as best I could, and after a week or 2 of no
fertilizing and 2 water changes, it acually seems to be disapearing in some
spots, or getting eaten...

The CO2 I'm starting to notice, the first month I ran the CO2, my reactor
bell was almost always full...and often overflowed and bubbled to the
surface.  Thanks for the reallity check.

Now, its usually 1/4 full, I haven't seen it full nearly as much, but theres
also more using it now.

Unfortunatly at the moment a CO2 system is a bit to pricey for me, just as I
typed this sentence, I turned off 2 bulbs in the JBJ, so it is down to 130
or 1.7wpg.  I'm going out of town next week so I'll see what happens leaving
it like that.  Tank looks a lot darker :) 

Also turned off the power heads and UGF now.  New leaves are still algae
free for the time being, hopefully the reduced light will help.

I'm also noticing a lot of brown / spotted old leaves, and many little new
ones which are fine.  From what I could find sounds like a K deficiency.
Dosed a little last night.   

As for the RO water over tap...Silicates, and we have hard water.  I use the
RO for my salt water tank anyways, seems to make more sense to start with a
controled state and make it what you want, not rely on extra things you
don't need from the water company.  Just my opinion anyways.

> Why would anyone have a plenum in a plant tank? Plants
> remove the NO3.

Because theres about 30 fish in the tank, and its fully planted etc...Theres
no reason not to have it is there?

I picked up a plant at petco...that was a tall spiked leaf, rigid, about 1cm
wide maybe?  Dark green with a white stripe up the middle.  Its a nice
looking plant, and would look great where it is in the tank, but its done
nothing but decay since I got it.  It, and even its roots look like a
terestial plant.  Anyone know what this is?  Should I just take it out now
before it decays fully?

Thanks again!

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