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Re: Cutting Reticulated Urethane Foam

Cutting foam... Sounds like a fun little exercise!

Well, if you find a container approximately the right size you could
just immerse the foam block in water and freeze it - forming a solid ice
block. From there hit the drill press before the ice melts (preferably
clamp it down on multiple sides), and voila! Be careful it doesn't get
too slippery however - I'd recommend a towel underneath to mop up any
melting water.

I take no responsibility for any harm caused through using this method.
It's just what I would do myself if I had to drill the stuff ;)


Adam Shaw

In big wide OZ, where we have officially been declared in drought for
nearly a year now.... And having a scorcher of a summer - few days of
40+DegC (105F+) temps, with a top of 45DegC (113F) a few weeks ago where
I am on east coast near Sydney... The question on many people's minds,
especially the farmers out west who've been forced off their land after
watching their stocks slowly die, and have to sell the rest off for
crazy prices - When will it end?