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Re: JBJ Comments

Robert said,
> Well, six month warranty vs one year doesn't really make any difference to
> me. I like the low profile, small footprint, and the lightweight aluminum
> alloy. My fixture that holds four bulbs takes up less space and weighs half
> as much as the Brightlight that only held two bulbs.  It has two power
> cords, two fans, and an incredible reflector. I like it!

I'll have to differ with you on the issue of the warranty period. I can only
think of one reason why a manufacturer of any product would reduce a
warranty by half it's original time period. Cost savings in warranty repairs
is the only thing that comes to mind. Maybe there's a reason that hasn't
occured to me or isn't obvious, but that's what I'm guessing; especially
based on my experience so far.

I agree with you on the over look, light output, reflectors, etc. of these
fixtures. They are very nice and look great sitting on a tank. BUT, my
experience has not been even remotely acceptable in terms of quality or
longevity of the fixtures or the bulbs in the newer deluxe models. Oddly
enough, my old 4x55 JBJ without fans takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I
don't have a negative word to say about that particular model.

Unfortunately, my experience has been very disappointing as only one of my
three JBJ's has lasted more than 13 months after purchase without some kind
of major, costly failure. I don't know about anyone else, but I have to
justify my aquarium addiction to the other half, so buying fixtures isn't
just another purchase for me. When they fail after such as short time, I'm
faced with throwing the brand overboard or throwing the husband overboard.
So far, despite his whining, the husband is still puttering around here
somewhere :) (I will consider auctioning him to the highest bidder though,
so stay tuned for that).