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Re: JBJ Comments

>> ------------------------------
> Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:37:02 -0700
> From: JVanDersarl <jmarella at attbi_com>
> Subject: Re: JBJ Comments
> My lights get stuck too. My husband solved it for me my bringing me a tube
> of silicone grease from work. In fact, I think they make essentially the
> same thing just for this purpose.
> I hope that helps. I'm not sure where to tell you to go to find it, but it
> does work very well.
> JoAnn

Any autoparts store should have tubes of silicone grease available. It's
commonly used to put on the exposed ends of spark plugs so that they wires
can be removed easily when it's time for a tune up.
Bob Buettner
In coooold NW CT still