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Re: Cutting Reticulated Urethane Foam -- How to handle mostly air --wooden it be nice

Michael Eckardt said:

> A perhaps easier way to drill the foam is to wet and
> freeze it. In the 
> frozen state
> it's much more stable.

True enough, although I suspect the fact that the foam is
mostly air would mean that it wouldn't hold a lot of water
and, therefore, could thaw rather quickly -- maybe in the
time that you're walking from the freezer to the drill
press -- or, if not then while the item is being drilled.

In any event, unless you are working with a very large
piece of foam, I'd recommend using wood blocks and making a
sandwich.  This allows you to have a larger object to hold
on to *and* something reliably rigid to block against the
drill press pole to prevent the object from spinning if the
drill bit gets "caught."

If you do this without a drill press, then you would want
to clamp your object down, and I think that is best done
with the wooden sandwich.

I should have spoken about safety in my first post.  You
should drill loose object unless you seriously undervalue
the continuity or your dermal covering   ;-)  .

Scott H.

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