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Re: Color Temperature -- The ICI (CIE) Chart -- The I See It Rules

Wright Huntley referred readers to
http://www.photo.net/photo/edscott/vis00020.htm to learn
about color perception.

Throw in a few fourier transformations and and I think
everyone will have it licked ;-)

This was pretty good as facts go but not very easy to
understand.    Some rules of thumb:

The apparent color of a complex light beam is made up of
one or more various different color light beams.

Different combinations of colors at different intensities
will yield the same color temp rating but not the same
apparent overall color.

Some overall colors of complex light beams make things look
natural, others make them look funny-colored.

With darkness, color fades before shapes.  Depth is less
detectable with distance and with darkness.

Next step, reviewing Gestalt research on visual perception
-- let only the timid tarry long  :-0 .

Scott H., snowed in again but determined to buy more fish.

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