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JBJ again

>>I thought mine was great too, until the fan stopped
working, the ballast crapped out, and the plexiglas
cracked into pieces.<<

"What did you do, jump up and down on it? :)  I love
the plexiglass 
cover and
how it just slides in through a groove on the side.
Brightlights don't 
have a cover. JBJs actually have two fans."

Yes, actually, one of the 2 fans died. As for the
plexiglas, after about a year it started to get
yellow. When I was changing a bulb one day, I slid it
out and it came to pieces in my hands. It had become
brittle. (Not to be confused with becoming bitter).
So, like the Brightlights, now mine doesn't have a
cover either!

Anyways, I do still like the fixture, it looks good,
and nothing has broken on it in a while. But the
ballast was a bear to change (and not cheap), so I
hope the remaining original ballast hangs in there.

I don't want to condemn this fixture. But I had real
bad luck with it and so did JoAnn. We both feel we
made the wrong choice.