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Re: light pendants

Hi Michael and all,
I have one open tank with a hanging fixture.  The tank is a 20 gal.
long, about 14" high, 30" long.  I use a metal, clip-on shop light over
this tank ($8 at the local hardware store) with a full spectrum, 100W
incandescent bulb that I bought at the health food store for around $6.
The light is about a foot above the top of the tank.  I like the
ripple-y shadow effect I get with this set up---very pretty.  I see no
reason why you couldn't use a screw in compact fluorescent bulb in
there.  The corners are a little dark, but I don't mind because I have
driftwood in the corners with java moss on it, and it doesn't get any
algae in it.  But 2 lights with 50W bulbs would probably give more even

I've also used the hood part from an adjustable metal drafting light;
the kind that clamps onto the edge of the desk.  It didn't have as good
a light radus, tho.

Lori, in sunny, slightly windy San Francisco