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light pendants

Since we're talking about lights ...

Ever since I discovered The Optimum Aquarium 12 years ago, I have been 
dreaming about an open aquarium with hanging lights. But all I can find 
here in Canada are the black, ugly, street-light sized pendants from 
Hamilton(?) - a far cry from the white or cream colored, counter balanced, 
good looking lights in TOA. I found that Dennerle used to have something 
nice looking too.

To my question: With an open aquarium, which pendants do you use? Are there 
any that can hold PCs? Or will I be required to go for 125 W metal halides? 
Anything nice looking out there?
Currently, I have a 40" long tank with a semi-open wood hood and a 96W PC. 
I think I may need two or three pendants.
Any ideas?

Michael Eckardt