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Metal halide burn in?

I recently bought a 6500k super bright made by Hamilton for my 54 gallon
planted tank. It was a replacement for the prev. 6500k super bright that was
over a year old I was using. I ordered from Drs. Foster and Smith. However,
when installed it looked nothing like the prev. bulb. It gave a very green
tint to the tank,  furniture, walls, etc. I assumed something was defective
in the bulb, so I sent it back. I then ordered the same bulb from pet
solutions, Installed it, and again, the very unpleasant green hue to
everything, completely washing out the red in my lotus, myacia etc. The
riccia also seems to have stopped pearling. I called Hamilton technologies
and they said there was a burn in period of 100 hours or so until the right
color spectrum was reached. Does this sound right? I am wondering because
when I replaced my orig. 5500k with the first 6500k a year ago the light was
a very white bright.(also made by Hamilton) from the start. Now however both
these new bulbs are giving off the very green hue. Also I noticed these new
Hamiltons are much slimmer than the old football shaped 6500k Hamilton. Will
the bulb truly become whiter in a few days or have they switched to a new
bulb that just will give this green cast to everything in the tank?
thanks for any insight
Michael Webb