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Re: Colors in a camera -- or - Those sensitive so and so's

Greger Lindstrand noticed color differences in pics of the
same tank with different lights.

The sensors and logic in a digi cam and the film in a film
cam aren't likely to have the sensisitivities to all parts
of the spectrum as the human eye.  You can get filters or
use different kinds of film to adjust for this fact.

Most digi cams have automatic white balance adjustment--
system of colour correction to deal with differing lighting
conditions.  Some digi cams have a manual overide or more
detailed adjustment for white balance.  On these cams, you
can set the white balance by viewing a piece of white paper
under the subject lighting -- the cam then color corrects
as long as you kep that white balance setting.

The rest you take care of on the computer with the digi
editing or film developing.  It'd be nice if some of the
less expensesive digi cams had multiple adjustments for
different color sensistivities.  But bulb color temp
ratings won't necessarily tell you what adjustments to
make.  A bulb that's high on the ends of the spectrum and
low in the middle will have the same color temp rating as
one that's low on the ends and high in the middle, roughly
speaking -- but one has more red light and a camera might
pick that up even if the human eye does not.

Scott H.

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