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BGA or???

Is this BGA or something else?  

The stuff is very dark little globs which "hang" on the plants - hang Up as 
it seems to have a +boyancy.  Slimy, very smelly. I thought globs were black, 
but after I captured some I realized they were dark green. They "pearl". They 
can somewhat be removed by brushing the plants.  The water gets cloudy. A 
prefilter (just floss) on the filter 
intake will turn a blue green, and even go a deep blue toward black, over 
time.  It particularly likes the above gravel line "roots" (whatever you call 
the nutrient collecting tendrils that grow above the gravel line) and fine 
leaved plants like firl or water sprite.  Tends to mostly show up on the edge 
of broader leaves. In the evening this will cause the appearance that the 
plant is pearling, but I think its the ??? algae/bacteria that's "pearling".

I tried maracyn, but at the 1/2 dosage recommended on the rec.aquaria notes 
on BGA.  It did diminish during treatment (but I was running a diatom filter 
at the same time) but has now returned.  If this is just BGA, do I now go 
back to maracyn but at the full sick fish dosage?  (when I can get some 

Many thanks in advance,

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