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Re: Canister Review

I'm surprised the Eheim Classic didn't score any better on the ratings. In
particular it scored very poorly compared to the rest on quality which I
tend to not agree with. Well, seeing that the writer admits to having broken
the handle off the ECCO during his test I'm kind of thinking I should take
this review lightly and give more credibility to the posts from people who
have been using these and other filters on a regular basis. I have never had
any problems with my classics, I've always found that it expels the air on
it's own very quickly (full or not full of water). The tubes remain full of
water when I close the valves so priming is not an issue except for initial
setup or after removing the hoses or similar, as someone else said, all it
takes is to get the water over the elbow and the rest happens on it's own.

The statement at the beginning regarding priming sounds like a pitch against
Eheim more than a helpful hint. After all, Eheim does make canisters with a
priming function, you don't necessarily need to go to a different

Giancarlo Podio

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I thought I would point out a review of canister filters at
in the Feb. issue of "Practical Fishkeeping". The comments seem generally
good, but I question giving an 85% "Quality" rating to a filter (the Rena
XP) about which they say "One leading retailer told us:'A lot of our
customers complain of frequent clogging.' "


Jared Weinberger