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Re: Canister Review -- or - Rinsing my Socks

Scott H. wrote in regard to canister filters:

>I also put a foam sock on the
>intake -- it's a lot easier to rinse out the sock than to
>the internal media.  The sock greatly prolongs time between

My filters wear socks, too.  I don't know if these are made anymore, but 
the best sock I've ever found for typically sized filters are the refills 
for the Tetrabilli sponge filters from Tetra.  They are cylindrical, black, 
dense, and last for years.  Another helpful thing is that they are 
"predrilled" and slip right over the intake tube with no muss and little fuss.

>   How often I (need to) rinse out my socks
>depends on the tank -- some socks load up faster than

Well, I rinse my socks at least once a week whether they really need it or 
not.  The sock/prefilter should be thought of strictly as a mechanical 
filter.  Along with extending the maintenance cycle of the main filter, the 
idea is to remove larger debris from the tank before it has a chance to 
break down and add to the nutrient load.  That's the theory I'm operating 
on anyway.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee