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Eheim single unit media baskets -- or- The Russian Doll Syndrome

Somewhat recently, Eheim came out with media baskets for
it's older style filters like the ever popular 2213.

I like having media baskets because I can
move/remove/change media, dealing with just a small amount
at a time (one basket's worth, to be pricise).

The odd thing with Eheim basket for the 2213 is it's just
one basket for all of the canister's media.  The basket is
easy enough to pull out of the canister with the built-in
handle.  But once you have removed it, all you have is a
slightly smaller canister full of media.  

If you take a 2213 and fill it with media the old-fashioned
way, then put that media into one of the one-to-a-canister
media baskets, you might be surprised at the media left
over.  It substantially reduces media capacity.

Maybe Eheim could design multiple smaller baskets to fit
inside the bigger single basket ;-)

I think Eheim is on to something with it's single basket. 
I hope it gets over it and lets the engineers back in the

Scott H.

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