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Re: Canister Review -- or - Starting Filters and Starting Trends


Having read the above review more closely, I've come to
three conclusions:

The info is basically okay but misses out on the noise and
design-problem issues when comparing some cansisters to the

The reviewer doesn't really understand how
siphoning/gravity/water flow work.

He is really fond of the word "chunky."

I might use this review for the descriptions, but not for
the ratings.

The trouble he seems to have starting his classic Eheims
is, I'm pretty sure, because he's trying to start them up
with the canister full of water.  This works for the Rena,
if and only if it's *really* full, in which case the
funnel-priming method is unnecessary because the filter
will start right up pumping water without further ado --
and who needs more ado?  But the fill-it-with-water-first
method doesn't work well for the Eheim classics.  If you
leave the Eheim empty of water before you start it, then
start a bit of draw on the output (just enough to get the
water over the bend in the intake tube, i.e., over the tank
rim) an Eheim will fill right up and not need any fiddling.
 I use a suction bulb on the old style Eheims and the
built-in suction pump/primer on the Pro IIs.  I find this
the easiest way to start Renas, too -- I don't have to
carry the canister heavy with water back from the sink.

Btw, dopey as the Rena funnel might seem, Eheim sells an
add-on option for many of its filters that basically allows
you to prime the water flow the same way, with a funnel. 
An advantage of the funnel method is that you don't have to
move your output tube to get a draw started.   The
disadvantage is, as the reviewer notes, the risk of
spilling water.  Imo, this "trend" has to be a step in the
wrong direction -- although Rube Goldberg might have liked
it ;-)

As soon as I can justify bagging my perfectly good Eheim
2250 (modified with a 1060 pump), I want to put a wet/dry
on my big tank -- the advantages just seem overwhelming at
least for a large tank.

Scott H.

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