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Re: Help - Endcaps!!

>I bought some aquarium water proof end caps for my florescent lights.  But
>what is happening is they heat up....expand and loose contact with the bulbs
>   It isn't very warm either....these just aren't up to snuff.
>Anybody have a recommendation of a good end caps that I can use?
>Terry Barber

As long as you have some kind of barrier between your tank and your fixture 
(piece of glass, plastic, etc.) you don't really need to worry about water 
proof end caps. I haven't ever seen water proof end caps that don't either 
fit poorly or get hard and crack with age. If the end caps you have are 
working well for you electrically and your tank setup doesn't keep a mist 
of water in the light fixture you should be OK with the end caps you have. 
I wouldn't trust any of the so-called "water proof" end caps to actually be 
water proof and use them for safety purposes -- use a GFCI and a ground 
probe for that!

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