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Re: To Watt or not to Watt

From: {quot}George Booth{quot} <gbooth at frii_com>
Subject: Re: To Watt or not to Watt

>I know 4 - 5 watts is optimum and
&gt; this is probably my best choice using that standard.

Where on earth did you read that 4-5 watts per gallon is
With modern, compact fluoresent lights and good reflectors, anything over
watts per gallon is too much

  I plan to set up a 90 gallon planted tank. It will have CO2 system, open 
top, and I plan to use power compacts. I was under the impression that I 
needed between 300 to 400 watts. So what your saying I only need 200 watts?  
Please elaborate.
  Thank you


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