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Re: Water pump

>I live in Colorado and we are suffering from a drought. My wife wants me
>to use my aquarium water on trees and flowers. What I'm looking for
>is an inexpensive pump. I'll be using a 75 foot of hose up to 25 feet
>elevation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it's possible for you to transfer the water to a bucket or tub of some 
sort before pumping then you can use one of the cheap pool-emptying pumps 
hardware stores tend to have. You probably wouldn't want to use one of 
those directly in your tank though. Most of the inexpensive aquarium pumps 
and all powerheads I've ever seen are not capable of pumping water up 25 
feet. That kind of reach pushes you into the "pressure" type pumps which 
tend to be more expensive, in the $100+ or so range.

BTW, try to get a pump that uses normal hose threads so that you can 
directly connect a garden hose to it. Most of the pool-draining pumps are 
made this way, as are some of the better quality aquarium pumps.

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