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Re: sump plant

"I am looking to plant a 40 gallon sump for my Discus
tank. I want to use low 
growing plants that will reduce nitrates. What do you
recommend? I was 
thinking Micranthemem. I also thought of Ambulia
because I can just keep it 
cut short and it doesnt seem to mind being cut off at
the top. Then I wouldnt 
have to up root it and replant the tops every time."

I'm not sure if you intend the sump to be "viewable"
or not, but if you're just looking for a nutrient
sponge, you can't go wrong with Limnobium laevigatum
(frogbit).  It grows very quickly and pulls a LOT of
nutrients out of the water.  I think if you were using
a plant for that purpose that floaters would probably
be the easiest to deal with.  


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