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Re: night light

> Quick question: Does algae benefit from blue light?

Sure. Same for plants.

> I'm
> considering putting 13 - 26 watts of blue light on my plant tank to have
> a moonlit color for night viewing.  Since I already have 3.55 watts
> per gallon of 6700k lighting for plants, I'm not interested in adding
> anything extra that may be beneficial to algae growth.

Try a small lamp near the tank or above the tank. There's also a LCD
"moonlight" etc. 

Switching the light on for longer than 12 hours etc is generally bad for the
plants, they need the night time to grow best. Some weak light from the room
or real weak diffused moon light is okay. I'd go with red color for a night
light or get a nightviewing scope:-)
Having had plecos and other come out only at night critters for many years,
the very low light behind the tank etc seemed pretty good.

I don't think it's that big of deal overall. I just would not leave it on
unless I am watching the tank. So the lamp on the table away from the tank
works pretty good and keeps the mess in the tank at a minimum.

Tom Barr
> Thanks,
> Mike G.