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Re: k2so4 and distributed co2 systems.

>Two questions please;
>     I know this has been beat to death in the archives, but, does anyone
>have any new thoughts or experiences with regards to distributing CO2 to
>multiple tanks? Mainly is it better to have, in terms of ease of use and
>leak potential, a 4 or 6 way CO2 manifold or to have a chain of T's with
>individual needle valves attached. Im leaning towards the latter, just
>because it is neater.

I would tend to think multiple needle valves would be a lot easier to 
balance for multiple tanks. If you use copper tubing (the semirigid 
refrigeration tubing, not the rigid water pipe kind) between the regulator 
and the needle valves you won't have any CO2 losses from what are likely to 
be your longest plumbing runs. The copper tubing will be a lot more work to 
start with, but it will last forever and will be the most reliable, 
possibly making it worth the extra time to install. I think cost would be 
similar if you were planning to use the expensive CO2-resistant tubing.

>Thanks for any advice. Here's an argument against open top tanks; Your
>stinking paradise fish will jump tank and eat your M. altispinosa fry.

Solution: Don't fill the tanks with the paradise fish all the way to the 
top. I stop filling about 2-3" below the top of the tanks to provide a 
jump-barrier. Works for me :-)

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