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Re:Leggy Plants and Light

I wonder about this too.  How important is it to have
light directly over the entire area of the tank?    For
example: My 27 gallon flatback tank is only about 10{quot} - 11{quot}
wide (depending on whether you measure from underneath the lip around the
tank or not).  Through the good advice of the people on this list I
am strongly considering getting 1 - 96 watt retrofit strip (ahsupply)
because it will give me more than adequate lighting at 3.55 watts per
gallon.  However, the width of the reflector on this is only 4{quot}
wide, so if I install the reflector directly over the middle of the tank,
that would leave some 3{quot} to the front and back not having light
directly over it.  Am I looking at problems here?  Thanks for
any help.

Mike G.


I'm also wondering about the directionality of the AH supply lights. The

plant in the photo is at the rear of the tank - there are no lights

above it. Are the AH supply miro reflectors so directional that a plant

which is 4{quot} horizonally from the back of the reflector, and
4-12{quot} below it, 
will not receive enough light?

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