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Re: Green dust/spot- (and ancistrus)

> 1. Not all young ancistrus will eat green spot algae.
> 2. Very few, if any, adult ancistrus will eat it.
> 3. All young ancistrus will eventually become adult ancistrus,
> probably not
> interested in green spot algae, possibly destructive to plants, and
> potentially very difficult to remove from the planted tank
> without tearing
> it up.

I have an ancistrus in my 55 gallon planted tank and have no problem with
him at all in regards to the plants.  I can't say that he gets all the spot
algae, but between the two of us, we do ok! :) And he has never been
destructive to any of the plants in my tank. In fact, in my experience, the
ancistrus has been the least problematic as far as plant damage. And he is
just a cute little bugger on top of it! :)

As always, YMMV....

 New Hampshire, USA, where the temp has warmed to the low 30s, and the snow
still lingers...
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