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Re: Fluval X04 filters -- or - Fluvals, flivvers, gimcracks and send-backs

Ken Guin said, in part:

> . . .About two weeks ago, I bought a brand new Fluval 
> 404 and
> it seemed to
> have more power and hasn't shown any problems related to
> the old
> designs. I called Hagen and they told me that they have
> redesigned the
> motors of the X04s (204, 304, and 404) to eliminate a lot
> of the old
> design flaws. The person I talked to suggested that I
> send in my earlier
> models (motor only) and they would either modify or
> replace the motor
> (top part of the filter) at no charge. . . I have yet to 
> send mine in, but plan to do so soon. I
> know that some on
> the list are sold on other canisters, but I have found
> Hagen (Fluval) to
> be a company who is willing to work with you to get
> things right.

Somewhat unfortunately, it seems, Hagen is still trying to
get it right.  *That* wouldn't lead me towards Hagen's
filters, especially when there are such very good
alternatives.  I agree that it's important that a
manufacturer or vendor do a good job of fixing things that
go wrong.  Still, my preference would be for things to go
mostly right and not repeatedly wrong.  Filters should not
be like software, numerous releases of revisions until the
bugs are mostly eliminated, imo.

The real test of a cansister is how is it right out of the
box and how's it doing ten years from now.

Scott H.

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