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Fluval X04 filters

Jon wrote: Hagen changed the shaft size of the impeller shaft recently. 

Ken writes: I have used Fluval filters for quite some time with mixed
results. They last a long time, but will eventually become cantankerous
and unreliable. When the new Fluval 404s came out, I bought two of them
and eventually they gave me problems because of what I thought were
design flaws. Each time I had problems, I called Hagen and they would
send me the latest modification they had come up with to get around the
original flaws. 

About two weeks ago, I bought a brand new Fluval 404 and it seemed to
have more power and hasn't shown any problems related to the old
designs. I called Hagen and they told me that they have redesigned the
motors of the X04s (204, 304, and 404) to eliminate a lot of the old
design flaws. The person I talked to suggested that I send in my earlier
models (motor only) and they would either modify or replace the motor
(top part of the filter) at no charge. 

I have yet to send mine in, but plan to do so soon. I know that some on
the list are sold on other canisters, but I have found Hagen (Fluval) to
be a company who is willing to work with you to get things right.

Ken Guin