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Re: Looking for filter

Kristian wrote:

>I'm looking for a good filter for a 29g tank.  Is the Eheim 2231 a good 

Well, you can't go wrong with Eheim.  I have both the 2213 and the 2215 on 
29 and 30 gallon tanks.  The 2213 will work well.  You'll get a turnover 
rate of about 3-4x per hour depending on the media used and how dirty it 
and the hoses are.  A 2215 will give you a turnover rate around 5-6x per 
hour and more media capacity.  On either filter, you can install a ball 
valve on the _output_ hose to adjust flow.  If you want to use the filter 
as a CO2 reactor, I suggest that you don't use the media basket.  Use of 
the basket seems to encourage "burping".  YMMV.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee