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To Watt or not to Watt


I'm trying to make up my mind on an aquarium hood.  I have a 27
gallon flatback tank and am looking at 3 choices.  

Choice #1) Coralife Power Compact hood with 2 - 96 watt bulbs (1 -
10,000k & 1 Actinic).  192 watts divided by 27 gallons = 7.11
watts per gallon!!  Am I looking at problems with having this much
watts per gallon?

Choice #2) Coralife Power Compact hood with 1 - 96 watt bulb. (50/50 -
Half 10,000k & Half Actinic).  96 watts divided by 27 gallons =
3.55 watts per gallon.  Am I too limited with plants I can grow with
this little watts per gallon?

Choice #3) Helios Power Compact hood with 4 - 36 watt bulbs. (2 - 7100k
Daylights & 2 - 12,000k Actinics).  144 watts divided by 27
gallons = 5.33 watts per gallon.  I know 4 - 5 watts is optimum and
this is probably my best choice using that standard.

I am going to be using C02 injection.  The Coralife has a built-in
fan and ballast which I'm not very fond of, but I like it's style better
than the Helios.  I guess they both have good & bad.  So
the real question . . . is 7.11 watts/per gallon too much, and is 3.55
watts per gallon too little if I don't want to be too limited with what I
can grow?

Thanks for any advice.

Mike Gothreaux

There are 3 kinds of coon

Those who can count,

and those who can't.

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