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plant filters

I have made several differing designs.  All my tanks have some sort of
plant filter.  In a couple of my tanks it is simply a plant growing in
the overflow.  But for two of my tanks I built a Plexiglas box, filled
it with lava rock (little red porous pebbles) and inserted a spray
bar.  The one for my 92-gallon corner tank is triangular in shape and
sits right over the built-in overflow and drains into it.  My original
is rectangular and hangs on the back of my 55-gallon.  The output from
the sump is split with part going direct to the tank and a small
portion going to the plant filter's spray bar.  The output from the
plant filter drops into a home made CO2 reactor and then into my UV
filter and finally back into the sump.
There is a picture of this online at

Feel free to write if you have any questions.

Alan in Napa

PS In box type plant filters I use either Peace Lilies or Dumb Cane.
Birds Nest ferns work well in overflows --- in particular the
hang-on-the-tank type.

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