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Re: adding first layer laterite

> From: "Mark Trueman" <mark.trueman.mt at agfa_co.uk>
> Subject: adding first layer laterite
> I want to add "first layer laterite" to an established tank. API says that it is possible , just add 1 oz per 4 litres to the gravel in the tank (40
> oz in my case). What im worried about is the mess it will make. I will at some point soon have a tank where i will not have any plants or decorations
> in it but the fish will still be there (im doing a complete re-planting)

Mark had concerns about adding First Layer Laterite to his already going tank. It's kinda tricky, Mark. I've added Flourite to a tank full of plants and
fish, and yes, there is quite a mess for a few days, upwards of a week or more. The fish don't care, look at the places they come from. A spring flood
looks like chocolate milk in most areas. The plants don't care, the fish will eventually "bump" into all the leaves shaking the fine dust loose. It can
be done manually by you after a few days, but it usually just stirs it up again. The filter bags will need to be changed after these types of situations.
They'll be chock full of dust. Better yet, turn them off. FLL is another story, though. It's hard to semihard and will cloud the water with more than
dust, it'll actually breakdown a little and the results could be small amounts of "mud-like" material floating around. Very dark, red aquarium water
isn't attractive to me. It's a tough call. I'd experiment with a small bucket of water. Take a tablespoon or so and slowly ease it to the bottom of the
bucket. If you're happy with the results, go for it. Remember, you've got to somehow incorporate it into the gravel, so you'll probably be in Mudcity.
Disclaimer: Results may vary ;-).

Jamie <"\\\><