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Re: CO2 injection rates and pH changes

Chris said: spierings at mailbag_com
> I started at 7 bubbles/ minute I'm now up to about 20 and
> I'm not seeing any 
> appreciable movement in the PH.  
> For filters I have the Empereor 280 and a magnum 350
> which isn't using the bio 
> wheels and has the output set up so it exists lower in
> the aquarium.  
> Using my pervious DIY setup I was able to get the PH down
> to the 7.4 level 
> using a power head to cut up the output.
> What am I missing here.  I would have though my PH level
> would be easier to 
> bring down with this set up.

I'll offer this:  20 bubbles per minute (glad to see
someone talking about bubbles per minute rather than per
second) isn't necessarily a lot for 90 gallon tank.  The
bubble rate that works for 15-20 ppm CO2 level will very
from tank to tank depending on a number of factors, so
don't use bubble rate as your measure -- use the KH/pH/CO2

Good that you're not using the Biowheels.  If you were,
you'd probably have to run 3 or 4 or more times that rate
to keep enough CO2 in the water.

If your water level in the tank can be raised, that will
reduce the water/air mixing where the filters output.  That
can help in some cases where your tank is shedding CO2 as
fast as you put it in.  It usually helps if the the filter
outflow doesn't produce bubbles when it goes into the tank.

Scott H.

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