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Re: leggy, now old lights

>It is seldom ever in the light area unless there's simply not enough.

And here is where the "watts/gallon" creates all
the confusion. Yes. There are enough watts/gallon,
but if the light has much far-red (as when filtered
through foilage above and under water) the plants will 
try to get to the surface as fast they can (because 
their photoreceptors sense they are shaded by other 

When shaded many plants will boost their internodes 
to quickly reach the surface where they spread out 

This is very easy to experiment with.

Run 10000K bulbs only and H.polysperma will hug
the substrate and spread horizontally like crazy -
their photoreceptors sense the cold/blue light
and think they're at the surface.

Run 2000K bulbs with much far-red light and they
will boost their internodes and try to reach the
surface as fast as they can.

Changing from GroLux-only to Aquarelle-only this
was very evident for me. Same wattage full spectrum
but different temperature/spectrum.

// Daniel.

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