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Re: Plant filter

> I recently came across a web article (I think one of Tom Barr's) about plant
> filters, and was wondering if anyone has any informative links they can
> direct me to that shows lots of pictures of plant filter setups and perhaps
> some DIY info.  I would love to set one up but want to get lots of ideas
> first.
> I googled "aquarium plant filter" and "plant filter" but didn't get many hits
> (well, I got a lot of hits, but it seemed only a few were about what I was
> really looking for).  One that I liked was at:
> <A 
> HREF="http://members/tripod.com/~Tropic_Cove/aquariums/plantfilter.html";;>http
> ://members/tripod.com/~Tropic_Cove/aquariums/plantfilter.html</A>
> But the info wasn't very detailed and the picture was just a cartoon.
> So, any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
> Erica

I can tell you at least a dozen ways to make these. All these are a simply
wet dry style filters with plants stuck into the wet dry section with a
light above them or natural sunlight etc.

Hydroponics is all it is, except the reservoir is the aquarium in this case.
Any flow through section design that has plant roots in the water, water
flowing through etc will work.

It's really really really really.... well a few more really's....beyond me
as to why some filter maker(Tetra, Marineland, Hagen etc) has not made a
simple plant filter.

I almost think they should be ashamed for _not_ making them.
They are simple, easy to deal with, reduce NO3, PO4 and NH4 etc.
Oh...........wait a minute.........then they cannot sell those residual
carbon, resins, algae killers, water conditioners etc.......

I think the real reason is that the plant filter work TOO GOOD.
They also work on every possible type of aquarium since emergent plants grow
in all waters.

A couple of places make little hang on units like Tunze and Tom at
Hydrologix makes them I think.

A flower pot on top of your tank with a smaller powerhead pump water up into
the pot and return drain hose returning the water back to the tank is all
that's needed. 

Simple 3"dia x 12-18"T PVC tubes with test end caps glued on the bottom
filled with lava/flourite/profile/Turface/Hydroponic media etc will work
nicely. If the sump water level is at 10 inches or less the tubes can be
used like pots.
Each tube gets an airline sized inflow of water. You can use a separate
powerhead for this or splice of the return line. An airline gang valve like
a Whisper can direct flow rate and multiple tubes to set up as many tubes as
you need. Peace lilies are good plants and require very little light.

A 15 w or 2 of them under a cabinet is plenty.
Check hydroponics sites for what they look like.
Those are all plant filters essentially.
NTF systems are very easy to make also by using plastic fence post and
adding end caps to both ends and then cutting them down the middle.
Drill the holes where you need them and set one edge up higher than the
other and let gravity and a pump  run the water through for you.

Tom Barr