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Plant Filters

I recently came across a web article (I think one of Tom Barr's) about plant 
filters, and was wondering if anyone has any informative links they can 
direct me to that shows lots of pictures of plant filter setups and perhaps 
some DIY info.  I would love to set one up but want to get lots of ideas 

I googled "aquarium plant filter" and "plant filter" but didn't get many hits 
(well, I got a lot of hits, but it seemed only a few were about what I was 
really looking for).  One that I liked was at:

<A HREF="http://members/tripod.com/~Tropic_Cove/aquariums/plantfilter.html";>http://members/tripod.com/~Tropic_Cove/aquariums/plantfilter.html</A>

But the info wasn't very detailed and the picture was just a cartoon.

So, any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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