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I've been a lurker for a long time on this group.  I recently threw in the 
towel on the DIY CO2 (6 bottles) it was too much trouble to keep it all perking 
along on my 90 gallon.

My water paramteres out of the tap are PH 7.8 KH 10.  I'm trying to get my PH 
down into the 7.1 range by adding CO2 from a pressurized system.  I purchased 
the system through florida driftwood.  It included the regulator, needle valve, 
tubing and reactor which has a powerhead out blowing down into a large tube 
with a sponge on the end of the large tube  The CO2 is inject into the large 
tube which has the power head end sealed except for the outlet from the power 
head.  The Co2 rises up into the flow and is cut up by the impeller and ejected 
into the large tube.

I started at 7 bubbles/ minute I'm now up to about 20 and I'm not seeing any 
appreciable movement in the PH.  

For filters I have the Empereor 280 and a magnum 350 which isn't using the bio 
wheels and has the output set up so it exists lower in the aquarium.  

Using my pervious DIY setup I was able to get the PH down to the 7.4 level 
using a power head to cut up the output.

What am I missing here.  I would have though my PH level would be easier to 
bring down with this set up.