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adding first layer laterite


I want to add "first layer laterite" to an established tank. API says that it is possible , just add 1 oz per 4 litres to the gravel in the tank (40
oz in my case). What im worried about is the mess it will make. I will at some point soon have a tank where i will not have any plants or decorations
in it but the fish will still be there (im doing a complete re-planting)

Is it possible to add the laterite with the fish in the tank or will the 'dustiness' harm them.

What about my filter, will this amount of muck clog up my filter and damage it.

What about methods of mixing the gravel. Should i just mix the laterite and gravel up uniformly or should i take a load of gravel out, mix the
laterite and remaining gravel and then replace a layer of gravel on the top.

Hope someone here can help me.