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Impeller blade replacement in Fluval 204 and 304 filters

Hello Folks:
   I have not had much luck solving my filter
problems.  I spoke to Big Al's on line and they are
stumped.  I wrote to Hagen and they expect me to
remove the filter head and send it to them.  Hagen
says that if the filter is broken and within the 3
year warranty period they will replace the power head.
 My filters arent broken - but there is something
suspicious about the new design of impellers.  They
apparently know nothing about aquaria - because I
asked the lady what she expected me to with the tank
while the filter was gone, and of course I got no
answer.  I never had such nonesense problems when I
bought Ehiems.
    I purchased an impeller replacement for my 2
Fluval 304.  It came in a blister pack marked Fluval
304/404 impeller.  When I opened the filters I found
an impeller that was the same in every way except the 
new replacements were green with broader blades and
the orignal impellers that came with the filter are
pink (narrow blade).  Both the pink and green
impellers are curved blades.  I installed the new
impellers in both filters and in each case they
created such a clatter I had to shut them down and
return the old impellers to service.  I did everything
I knew how and even purchased  new impeller covers and
the chasis that inserts to hold the impllers.  Nothing
worked and all the parts LOOK the same.  YOu can even
swap the impeller heads and magnets on the pink and
green blades.  There is sufficient clearance for the
broader green impeller blades to spin freely but they
clatter and get caught on something invisivle.
    So on a lark I opened my Fluval 204 to see if
something obvious there might give me a clue to solve
my problems.  The Fluval 204 impeller is a white
straight blade and the magnet is just like the one in
my 304.  So I put the new green broad and curved
bladed impeller in the 204 and it runs like a dream
without any clatter or problems.
    Has anyone had any such similar experiences and
managed to solve them.  I can see no reason at this
point why the new green impellers should not work in
the Fluval 304.  I opened the power head only to find
that there is nothing to see because the motor is
encased in a resin block to protect it from water.   
So, what gives?  HELP, please!

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