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Re: where to get inexpensive large tanks for growing plants

Lance wrote:
"I will be in the Houston, TX area this next weekend,
and wondered if 
are some inexpensive places to buy a few aquariums to
finish out my
fishroom.  I'm looking for a 125-150 gallon (72"x18"
aquarium and
a couple of 55's (48"x13" footprint)."

You don't say where you live Lance, but I have seen
tanks from the following outfit based in Nashville,
They have a "show schedule" where they deliver tanks
that are extremely well made and reasonably priced. 
Perhaps they will be visiting a city close to you and
you can check them out.

go to:

aquarium sizes go to:

home page: http://www.glasscages.com

They make aquariums that are only six inches tall.  eg
they have one that has a footprint of a 29 but is cut
to be six inches tall making it hold just under 10
gallons.  These make great killie tanks and make it
easier to grow some of those rooted high light
demanding bunch plants that have a hard time getting
started in a deeper tank.



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