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Re: PO4 & Fe

>Water chemistry of Fe is very complex based just on the inorganic component

Yepp. I must thank you very much for taking so much time writing such a 
detailed description. Now I understand this is *really* complex.

I have never seen dramatic metabolic response when adding KH2PO4, but
the pearling is almost always very good (I guess that's what you mean by
timing the metabolic response - ie timing when intense pearling occours?).
So I guess I have enough phosphate from fishes/wastes right now.
But when I keep up on everything (except KH2PO4) and if/when the 
pearling in the future stops I will test the response of adding KH2PO4.

The only time I have seen dramatic pearling response is when I have 
pipetted some 3% H2O2 over Glossistigma next to the glass generating 
extreme pearling (mostly from the roots). In a couple of seconds
the Glosso roots pumps out oxygen like crazy.