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Re: Leggy Plants Thread - Comments on usage and application of Seachem Flourish

	Re: Leggy Plants
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 14:09:40 -0800
From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>
Subject: Re: Leggy Plants

Adam wrote,

"My comment on this would be that Flourish is specified as a 'complete
non-fertilizer *water conditioner*'."

Rachel Said:
Adam, I looked for this text on my bottle of Flourish & found nothing
it. My bottle says, "Flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement for
natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich assortment of important 
trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids." The only "water conditioner"
use in my tank is a straight dechlorinator - the whole point, I thought,
using Flourish is that it is a fertilizer.

You're correct, I live in Australia. Same product - must be different
labels though. I'm looking at the bottle right now and it does read
'complete non-fertilizer water conditioner'. It says comprehensive plant
supplement on the front label, but on mine above the directions it
reads; "Flourish(TM) is a non-fertilizer water conditioner for the
natural fresh water aquarium. Recommended for use with Flourish Iron(TM)
and Flourish Tabs (TM), and FLourite (TM). It contains no Phosphate or

In any case, reading the composition you see that it contains around 20
different elements in teensy proportions (these can be also read at
www.seachem.com). We're talking like proportions within 0.01 to
0.000001% kind of proportions. Hardly sounds like a comprehensive
fertilizer which is dosed in a similar proportion to what Nitrogen or
Potassium etc would be dosed... more like a trace element mix. But hey,
it's quite possible that I am wrong. Dr Morin has not commented to
settle it so hey...

My belief, and the way that I have used it, is that it is a water
conditioner rather than a fertilizer which the plants will consume at a
large rate. I add a small amount as per the directions on the bottle
once or twice per week and that works fantastic for me, with great
results along with around 6mL of Flourish Iron once or twice per week.
This particular tank is a 4'Lx18"Wx20"H (70G/275L). Of course I guess
you can't directly compare my usage rates since my source water probably
has different chemical traces already present or lacking compared to
yours so hey.... 

It's all about trial and error these days depending on where you are...
if something doesn't work, change it. Eventually you're bound to get it
right.... *eventually* that is... I'm still trialling and chopping and
changing with other aspects myself! I don't think it ever stops... :)


Adam Shaw