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Houston, TX- Inexpensive Aquariums- New or Used.

I will be in the Houston, TX area this next weekend, and wondered if there are some inexpensive places to buy a few aquariums to finish out my fishroom.  I'm looking for a 125-150 gallon (72"x18" footprint) aquarium and a couple of 55's (48"x13" footprint).  I have heard City Pets has pretty reasonable prices on new tanks.  Any places in the Houston/Katy area that might have better prices?  I would also be happy with good quality (i.e. Oceanic, Universal, All-Glass, etc.) used tanks if they were cheap enough.  Where would I find these?  I thought I'd check out the Houston Chronicle classified ads, but didn't know if there were any other outlets I haven't thought about for used tanks.
Lance Krueger

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