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Re: How deep will a plant grow?

I found references to Chara at 75 meters in Lake Tahoe and "broken 
Characeae down to 164 meters".  The maximum for vascular plants is 
about 10 meters except Lake Titicaca where Potamogeton strictus is a 
little over 11 M., probably because of the reduced air pressure at 
the lake's altitude of 3815 M.  The flowering plant, Posidonia, has 
been found down to a depth of 50 M in the ocean.

References and discussion in G. Evelyn Hutchinson, 1975. A Treatise 
on Limnology, Vol. III. pp. 408-423.
Paul Krombholz in warm central Mississippi, where the series of polar 
outbreaks has ended, at least temporarily.