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Re: Utricularia

> Are the inflated stems in a wheel around the inflorescence?  If so, it's
> U. inflata or U. radiata.  U. inflata seems to be commonly cultivated by
> CP enthusiasts, but I am told that U. radiata is an annual and is not
> amenable to long-term cultivation.
> The new second edition of Donald Schnell's _Carnivorous Plants of the
> United States and Canada_ (Timber Press) has a nice chapter on Utricularia
> with a key to the species.
> Nick
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> Nicholas Plummer
> nplummer at duke_edu
> http://www.duke.edu/~nplummer/

Thanks Nick, U inflata is the likely victim. I have a nice flower going and
most the wild plants are flowering now. Kind of odd. The other larger leafy
species does not have any wheel like floating stems.
U. gibba is present also.
I did find Sag lorata.

These are pools that are subject to a good deal of temperature flux (max
depth about 2 feet).

I'm waiting on camera to arrive or I'd put a photo up.

Bumming about the Columbia space shuttle................so sad. I feel so
bad for those families. Doesn't seem like long ago the Challenger explosion

Tom Barr