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Madagascar lace plant

>Subject: Madagascar lace plant.
>Since I reduced the amount of light this plant get it has started growing
>like a weed.
>The plant is bulb based.  Any suggestions on splitting it into several

Don't! It will not work. These things are very heavy feeders, stick a plant tab
into the roots at least onece a month, eventually it'll (probbaly) grow
at the bulb which in time will splt off, but the more usual way they reproduce
is by flower. I once saw a holding tank Jim Robinson had; a 65 with about 20
of them in flower and tiny laceplants all over the gravel. it was one of the
most impressive things I've ever seen. Keep in mind these plants get HUGE;
I had one fill a 40 by itself with leave 2 feet lons and nearly 5 
inches side.

>I am including a link to a picture.  The bottom looks like it has smaller
>bulb like sections growing off of it...
>http://www.scottrossi.com/lace1.jpg <http://www.scottrossi.com/lace1.jpg> 
>http://www.scottrossi.com/lace2.jpg <http://www.scottrossi.com/lace2.jpg> 

Awww shoot, that thing is just a baby. Ok, you might get away with cutting
the bulb there but you also have a 50/50 chance of killing it. Let it be for

I don't have any decent pictures of any of mine, just this one in a foot tall
tank: http://images.aquaria.net/users/r/rsexton/sjotank/sjotnk28.jpg


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