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Re: Elocharis ID

Cavan wrote:

>I'm trying to decide what species of Elocharis I've
>been growing.  I think by the looks of it and by how
>common it is that it's acicularis IF acicularis grows
>new plants at the tips of leaves.  Does it?  If not,
>is it safe to assume it's vivapara?  It's about 9 or
>10 inches tall and looks like....hairgrass.

It sounds like E. vivipara.  The other species, acicularis, does not grow
new plants from the tips of the leaves.  I have vivipara that came in with
another plant, and it grows too well floating.  It has become a pest, like
hair algae.

Paul Krombholz in steamy central Mississippi where it got all dark and
threatening to the south and east yesterday evening, but the storms died
out before they got to north Jackson.