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overdose H2O2

Yes, it is problem. I have ehfisubstrat in external filter, and maybe is
ehfisubstrat good home for bacterie and maybe die only some at surface
ehfisubstrats. Next thing - my aquarium is only 2 month older.  When I end
off dose H2O2 I use some formulations, that cordial expansion bactery in
filter medium. 

This is very good question : What is better for treat BGA H2O2, antibiotics
or next way if exist, from view of health all aquarium ecosystem.


	-If you overdose, you can wipe out a lot of
	-the bacteria that fix ammonia and nitrites.  I ended
	-up with a rather nasty nitrite spike the last time
	-I used H2O2 that wiped out 15 shrimp.

> - - Brian Harmon