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Anyone clipping plants in the near future?

Hello All,

Well, I finally made it into my new house in Connecticut and am about to set 
up my planted tanks.  Problem is, the nearest store with decent plants is in 
Boston about 2 hours drive from here.  Although the plants aren't too bad, 
their selection is pretty lame.

Sooo... if anyone is clipping plants to be thrown out and would like to send 
some to another fellow hobbyist, I'd really appreciate it!  I've sent plants 
in the past and never thought I'd be in this position of having to ask for 
plants again.  Fast growing stems, slow growing plants, etc.  I'm also 
looking for some harder to find plants and would be willing to pay for some.

Anyways, contact me offlist.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club
In hot and muggy Connecticut.

P.S.  If anyone is interested in getting involved with putting together a 
seminar for a planted tanks in a store in Hartford, let me know.  I'm 
planning on presenting this sometime this fall or winter.

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