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Re: Sometimes I Wonder

Tom Wood" said:

> We kidnap living organisms, hijack them and thrust them into a
> totally
> synthetic environment, and then expect them to behave according to
> totally
> fabricated expectations. Fish from Africa, plants from South America,
> water
> from the local tap. Do these life-forms care about our expectations?
> Do
> these life-forms dance to a different beat? Do the plants from Africa
> that
> are suddenly plunged into a Texas aquarium still 'remember' the
> gravitational forces a half a world away that told them when to
> blossom?
> Does a South American wild-caught Cardinal Tetra 'know' that it is
> not in
> relation to the center of the planet or the stars in the same way any
> more
> when it is moved elsewhere? Sometimes I wonder...

Do the terms teleological and anthropomorphic sound familiar?  ;-)

Scott H.

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