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Re: Swords

> I'd like some input as to how I can get these plants to grow
> larger.

That's what Jack asked and look what happened to him.

> They are in shallow flats filled with old mulmy soit covered with
> gravel and about 5cm of clean aged water. They are exposed to morning sun a
> nd the water temp is in the upper 27-29C range, pH is neutral to slightly
> acid.

If you can find some rich organic mud from a local pond edge or bottom,
that's a good substrate. pH is not an issue. They do well in quite alkaline

I got back from taking some photo's of E berteroi habitat yesterday for an
upcoming article for AGA's TAG. You may wish to take a look at it. I don't
go over water parameters in the article. I think you'll find the level of
water is more important, as long as the leaves are aerial, the plants are
quite tough. Very Rich fine sandy soil works well.
Repotting often can help a great deal.
Tom Barr