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Re: Observation on "you guys" and Sword plantlets

>>Sorry Chuck but those Neu Yawk Yankees
use the term "youse guys" at least they did when I was there getting my
discharge from the Navy "back in the late 50"s".
God Bless em all !!<<

I got out of the Navy in the 80s, homeported in Charleston, SC, one of the
world's most beautiful and gracious cities (I've seen a few). I learned to
say "y'all" there and they also thankfully helped dull the Great Lakes
accent I got growing up in Rochester, NY.

Regarding sword babies...I get shoots all the time from my Ozelot, and I've
been very successful growing them in water or in soil. I cut/pull them off
as soon as they've got about 4 leaves or so and then let them develop roots
while floating. I bought the original ozelot for $3 or so when it was not
much more than a plantlet itself, so it's certainly not hard.

Hopefully jr[slower] will not add me to his hate mail list after adding some
actual plant content to my "y'all" message. This is a gracious, open, and
helpful community resource. Like any other community, we tend to talk about
more than one thing. If humor or diversions aren't your bag, then don't feel
as though you have to disparage those who have divergent interests and/or a
sense of fun.

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